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Laura-Severinac Headshot SquareLaura Severinac is passionate about creating opportunities for transformative work to unfold. As a coach, she is excited to work with community builders, healers, artists and anyone seeking to live their lives with purpose, authenticity and integrity. She is also a dynamic facilitator, convenor and trainer. When she isn’t cooking up solutions for a better world, you can find Laura feeding her community with heartwarming and delicious culinary creations.


An environmentalist at heart, Laura has spent her working life manifesting solutions alongside a wide network of grassroots organizers and leaders. In her twenties she was active in campaigns for better food security, human rights, urban farming and was instrumental in banning cosmetic pesticides in the small town of Caledon. Her thirties were dedicated to working with Greenpeace Canada, which deepened her skills in campaigning, project management, film production, facilitation and team building. Laura is currently Director of Tools for Change, an organization offering skill development training for change-makers. As a member of the Creating Realities community, Laura has spent the past five years co-hosting Collective Wisdom Circles and Leadership trainings alongside her mentor and friend, Tammy Neilson.  

Coaching Philosophy

Many years ago, Laura spontaneously set up an advice booth at a farmer’s market using a table, two chairs, a bouquet of flowers and some tea. Visitors to her booth talked about their relationships, their art and perceived roadblocks that were holding them back from achieving their dreams. Rather than advice, Laura offered active listening, powerful questions and fun homework. Her current philosophy and approach remains the same: “We always begin from where you are in this moment. I believe you already have the answers you seek. My job is to create a playful and creative structure for us to explore possibilities together to find a clear path forward.”  

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