Loveleen Kaur Kang

Loveleen Kaur Kang Headshot SquareLoveleen Kaur Kang is a versatile Courage and Creativity Coach as well as a Content Creator.

Loveleen approaches work and life with compassion, creativity, and curiosity. She has over a decade of experience of transforming the impossible into reality. Whether as a community organizer, political campaign manager, podcast producer, or documentary filmmaker, she has learned what it means to grow past her limitations and limitations imposed by others.

On any given day, you can catch her whizzing around on her shiny, red bike named Hedwig, envisioning her next creative project or dreaming about her next backpacking trip.

As a transformational life coach, she works with those who are courageously choosing to step into their own light and are ready to emerge!

From students to emerging artists to activists and lawyers – dreamers,  changemakers, visionaries come in many forms.

If you are driven by a deeper sense of purpose, if you believe you have a unique contribution to make to the world and want a cheerleader in your corner, Loveleen would love to work with you!

Loveleen will support you in uncovering your dreams and releasing any limiting patterns that may have gotten in your way. Through this process, Loveleen and her clients explore their next steps as aligned with their deepest purpose so that you are always moving from a place of clarity and groundedness.

As a coach, Loveleen is committed to listening to your inner wisdom, witnessing your journey, celebrating your resilience, and honouring your brilliance!

Loveleen’s Story:

Growing up as the daughter of Punjabi immigrants in the Toronto-area, there were times where fear and self-doubt caused her to question her self-worth. Through honouring her own voice and carving out her own space, Loveleen learned to operate from own truth.

Loveleen holds a B.A. and M.A. with a keen focus on decolonization and activism. In addition to coaching, she is a trained anti-oppression facilitator and a documentary filmmaker. She has been invited to speak and lead workshops in Canada, the U.S. and U.K.  

You can contact Loveleen at

Loveleen’s Projects:

TAC Podcast

The Anti-Casserole Podcast

Behind The Fare

Behind the Fare (film)


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