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Nathalie Crosbie Headshot SquareAbout me:

As a coach I bring to my practice professional coach training enriched by my experience as a leader, designer, woman, feminist, technology worker, spiritual/mindful person, LGBT person, mistake-maker, lesson-learner, mother, partner, and person devoted to friends, family & community-building.

My multi-faceted experience allows me to bring both a deep empathy for the challenges you face when you are attempting to create change, and a strong optimism in all the possibilities that exist for you. 

About my coaching:

Clients say they chose to work with me because they feel inspired, deeply listened to, and gain the strength, clarity, and techniques they need to let go of limiting beliefs/situations, get unstuck, and move forward.

I am especially passionate about supporting women in accessing the opportunities, connections and sense of their own power needed to succeed.

Some examples of coaching for which people have come to me:

  • Successfully dealing with career challenges as a woman &/or LGBT person
  • Breaking into a new field of work or study, eg technology, leadership, UX design etc.
  • Communicating with clarity and integrity, having difficult conversations
  • Self-empowerment/-care eg setting healthy boundaries, moving from feeling too busy to finding balance
  • Finding, transitioning or ending jobs or relationships 
  • Gaining the clarity needed to make important decisions

I look forward to hearing the changes you are looking to make in your life and supporting you in achieving them!

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