The Arc of Personal Mastery – Unpacking and Rewriting your Story

The Arc of Personal Mastery: Unpacking and Rewriting Your Story

What stories play out in your life that hold you back from stepping into your personal power? Where are these stories rooted? What are you ready to let go of? What do you need to rewrite your story?

Join us for a self reflective and transformative personal retreat. Together we will unpack the stories that hinder us from living authentic and powerful lives. You will be invited to explore and let go of old beliefs, rewrite a more holistic narrative and develop an accountability contract to aid you in honouring your personal mastery.

Retreat details:
This retreat will be hosted in downtown Toronto at a cozy venue called Artless Hub. Healthy and nourishing vegetarian meals will be provided throughout the weekend. Further details will be provided upon registration. Our gathering times are as follows:

Friday Nov. 13: 6:30-9:30pm (with dinner served at 6:00pm)
Saturday Nov 14: 9:30-5pm (with a light breakfast served at 9am)
Sunday Nov 15: 9:30-4pm (with a light breakfast served at 9am)

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