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Being Seen: Self-Exposure or Self-Acceptance?

“The quickest way to acquire self-confidence is to do something you are afraid to do.” – Anonymous In Southern Africa the Zulu greet each other by saying Sawubona, meaning, “I see you,” to which the response is, Ngikhona, “I am here.” In the culture I was raised in being seen is vulnerable and risky. Confidently […]

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Daryl and the Turtle.

-written by Jonelle Gunderson I wrote this story a few years ago.  It’s a true story, based on a particularly strange Victoria Day.  Life has continued to be generous with me every since… so I think it bears as an important reminder to listen to the signs life offers up, and trust. …….. Lately I’ve been struggling. […]

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Kathryn Meisner

3 Ways I’m Striving to Become More Selfish

I’ve recently set a new goal for myself: Be more selfish. As a recovering perfectionist, people-pleaser, and empathic multipotentialite; this is incredibly hard for me to accomplish. Furthermore, it’s made increasingly difficult by fact that I exist as a woman in a society that tells me to be “selfless” and “nice”, and to prioritize everyone […]

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Coming Home to Yourself Through Wellness

Author: Kate Tunney This blog has hit a personal note with me. I struggled for days writing and re-writing; never feeling like the words were mine, or that I was being my authentic self. Months leading up to today I have been in a whirlwind of changes, and struggling through most of it. Then, last […]

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Photo: Group of students making sushi

Journey to Japan

Did you know that it takes three years to become a sushi chef? Or that the word “sushi” actually refers to the flavoured rice and not the fish? These tidbits of information are just a few of many that we absorbed a couple of weeks ago on our “Journey to Japan”. (more…)

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IMAGE: Illustration of womans face covered by colourful butterfly

Dreaming Back My Stories

I sit writing this post on a rainy Tuesday morning at the desk of my home office, which, after 5:00 pm, turns back into my kitchen table in my small condo. Although space can be a challenge, I am completely content. Just a few days ago I celebrated the one-year anniversary of my Leave-Taking – […]

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Photo: Jiselle Griffith

It Takes a Community…

Moving towards a community based model of health care Three years into my journey as a Naturopath I keep questioning what models for health care are most healing, and how healing is defined. (more…)

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Photo: Gillian Muller

Unlocking Creativity

While sitting on a beach in Indonesia, I realized I would have to go home one day. My six-month world exploration would end and I would be back in reality. If I had to join Western society again, what did I really want to do? (more…)

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Photo: Elga Nikolova

Change, Impact, and the Evaluative Mind

As an evaluator I am usually called in to measure change and impact, not to create them. Yet once in a while an organization or a community will bring me in to become one of the agents of a change they want to create. These are my favorite clients. (more…)

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