Dr. Jiselle Griffith, N.D.: Naturopathic Doctor

Image: The Health Hub wordmarkI am a naturopathic doctor, Reiki master and Bowen practitioner whose mission is to support individuals, families and communities to heal. My integrated approach to care combines evidence-based medicine and traditional knowledge. My heart-centred methods encourage patients to uncover root causes and allow life transformations to happen. I am licensed through the Ontario Board of Directors of Drugless Therapists for Naturopathy (BDDT-N). My home practice is at the Health Hub in Toronto, but I also serve patients at Naturopathic Perspectives in Hamilton, Ontario. As well, I offer community acupuncture at The Community Clinic on Roncesvalles in Toronto.

Creating Realities gave me one-on-one support and a space for introspection that helped solidify my belief in what could be possible in my life, both personally and professionally. They created room to gently question and move forward from old patterns and perceived limitations. The Collective Wisdom Circles that were birthed from Creating Realities opened up my inner dialogue to others who are on a similar path of life change and authentic living. The circles created a container of accountability and an opportunity to voice an innate wisdom that lives inside each one of us.

Creating my own practice was – and still is – an ever-changing and growing process. It was incredible to see where this change unveiled new strategies and strengths. It was also a profoundly humbling journey that allowed for immersion in places of deep vulnerability. Coming through this process was an affirmation of the gifts that I have to bring forward and share in this life.

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