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e-NOVA Consulting provides planning and evaluation services to not-for-profit organizations. We capture an organization’s learning and help them grown roots in new areas. Our portfolio features over 50 ventures in which we provided evaluations, needs assessments, research, and program development projects. Through our passion for organizational effectiveness, we’ve contributed to process improvements and increased organizational capacity. Our clients include community agencies, institutions and partnerships. Three key areas provide us with a constant source of excitement and intellectual challenge – helping organizations work more effectively and build capacity; introducing clients to the use of technology for learning and collaboration; and assisting immigrants as they settle and integrate in their new community.

If I were to offer advice, I would say, don’t let fears and doubt stop you. Take one step at a time, every day. Remember it’s not a straight line from start to finish, and allow detours en route – they hold wonderful surprises. Also, find talented people to work with and learn to delegate. Last but not least, find a trusted coach and advisor, someone who can help you gain altitude and take a detached look at yourself and your work. Tammy at Creating Realities has held this perspective for me for the last three years.

Through building my own business, I’ve become a more perceptive and sophisticated analyst of organizational and group dynamics. I’m more patient and supportive, ready to meet my clients where they are and support – not push – their growth and development. I trust my clients’ judgment, and I have a better appreciation for the diversity of views and approaches. My confidence has grown, my communication skills have improved, and my attitude is more relaxed. Overall, it’s easier to take a step back and see the bigger picture. I’ve become not just a savvier professional, but also a better person.

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