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Photo: Gillian MullerI am a freelance screenwriter working in Toronto. I started my career as an assistant director, but wanted to return to my true calling in writing. I moved to Vancouver, where I attended Vancouver Film School’s Writing for Film and Television program, graduating near the top of my class. In the year after graduation, I helped create the web-series Redemption with Random Bench Productions, wrote the pilot Dirty Love for Pipestone Pictures and optioned two screenplays: The Farm and Sometimes Why for Windpath Media.

During a six-month trip to Indonesia, I had the chance to reflect on my own creativity. I realized I had it locked away in a cage and had long forgotten the key. When I returned home, I sat down to write but noticed I didn’t have a story to tell. I had to find that key and unlock my creativity to be a screenwriter, but I needed a mentor. Creating Realities provided a safe place to express my ambition and confide my fears. With their help, I could define my goals and was guided out of the muck. Getting down to the core of my creative block, and how that was attached to all aspects of my life, was a terrifying and liberating experience. And when I sat down to write, the words came. A floodgate had opened and years of pent up creativity gushed out of me onto the page.

With Creating Realities I came up with a new set of goals and, as I got braver, so did my writing. Although fears and doubts came up about sharing my work, Creating Realities mentored me and helped me believe that I had raw talent to be developed. With the support of Creating Realities, I decided to go back to school, despite my negative self-talk, and I graduated a year ago. I have since been hired to create a web-series, write a pilot, and two of my screenplays have been optioned. So much has changed since I returned from Indonesia less than five years ago. The experience has taught me how quickly things can change when someone has the right goal and the right mentor.

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