Andrew McGregor: The Hermit’s Lamp

Image: The Hermit's Lamp LogoTarot Reader, Coach & Owner

Through tarot, I help people to get clear about who they are and what they want, and to understand how to get the life they want.

I connected with Creating Realities when I transitioned from my job as a graphic designer to my work as a tarot reader. In working with Tammy, I came to realize that my biggest challenge was not finding clients, as I had feared. My biggest challenge was making things happen and yet finding balance, learning to say “no”. My challenge was keeping the focus on why I do the work – for my family, so that I can spend time enjoying them. Ten years later, I continue to embody this important lesson.

Creating my own reality is a wonderful balance of helping others and continuously discovering who I am. It allows me to grow and find more joy. Creating my reality lets me make time for my family, my art, and my work in a way that respects them all.


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