Hilary Martin

Hilary-Martin-Headshot-SquareMy colleagues call me a “spark plug” for teams, partnerships, and initiatives. From art galleries to business schools, I bring practical insight and creative energy to all of the work that I do. My work has ranged from the facilitation of multi-stakeholder meetings and national network visioning sessions, to convening working groups on the social impact of research projects.

In 2016 I completed coach training with Tammy Neilson at Creating Realities, consolidating the personal leadership coaching skills that I’ve developed through my work and mentorship roles over the past two decades.

As a solutions-focused coach, it’s my job to champion you as you transform your current reality into your desired future. I provide the push of an external witness for all your effort, and a reflective voice that’s straightforward, curious, and encouraging. I’m a personal trainer for your aspirations.

I believe that a series of small adjustments can bring about big transformation and change. Assisting you to navigate this change in a deliberate way is my core responsibility in our coach-client relationship.  Together we’ll do a deep dive into understanding your skills, strengths, and values, sketch a clear picture of your desired future, and cultivate change by co-designing actions to bring this reality closer.

I’m committed to the personal development of my clients. With this in mind, we’ll work to foster solutions-seeking habits that will stick with you long after our work together is done.  

Whether you already know the new direction you want to take, or if you are still seeking your path, let’s talk. You’re closer than you think.

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