Integrating Grief, Together

GriefHealing & support for those who have lost dear ones to cancer

“How do I keep living after witnessing/supporting my loved one through cancer?”
“How do people keep going with all this grief, all this sadness?”
“How can I prepare for the expected and unexpected agony of grieving?”

You are invited to join me as we uncover the many ways we fold in the agony and brilliance of grieving into our daily lives. With integration we make space for the truth that the depth of our loss is a reflection of our capacity to love.

My hope is that we will come away from this group with a stronger connection to our tools of resilience and inherent wisdom. That although no one will ever feel the unique agony of our loss, through coming together we will feel united in the relief, support and healing that is universal suffering.

Integrating Grief, Together will be an 8 week series. Each night we will share a yummy meal inspired by the wisdom of Chinese Medicinal Nutrition. After we eat each night may consist of Acupuncture, Sharing of your experience, meditation and all the brilliance you bring with you.

Thursdays 6:30-9:30pm October 29 – Dec 17, 2015

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