Kristen Roderick

IMAGE: Illustration of womans face covered by colourful butterflyWriter, Researcher/Evaluator & Community Convenor

I am a writer, researcher/evaluator, and community convener, and am interested in the use of storytelling for empowerment, social change, and the transitions in women’s lives. I’m currently writing a book on women’s experiences of the “Middle Passage” – the period of life when women begin to awaken to a new kind of adulthood,one that is chosen consciously by them and that enables them to journey toward a more fulfilled and purposeful life. 

Creating Realities has been one of my most important supports as I’ve transitioned out of an unhealthy work life and into the kind of work that inspires me every day. Through mentoring from Tammy and participation in the Collective Wisdom Circles, I’ve learned simple yet powerful practices and tools that have helped me focus on the kind of work that is most important to me and that nurtures me as a whole person.

By taking ownership of my life, I’ve regained many interests and abilities that were suppressed or long forgotten. I’ve developed a new confidence and inner authority that I couldn’t access when my focus was on success and performance.I feel a sense of freedom that my life is my own, and that my gifts, experiences, and talents have a value aside from anything that is rated on a chart.

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