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The Kulture Klub organizes cultural themed events offering individual and corporate groups the opportunity to discover different cultures without leaving their city. Situated in various restaurants or culturally specific venues around the general Toronto area, The Kulture Klub transports people to a particular country through food and fun. Guided by our dynamic and knowledgable “ambassadors”, we touch on a number of topics that highlight the uniqueness of each destination. From Flamenco dancing and tapas in Spain, to Kimchi and Karaoke in Korea, the events are a great opportunity to make new friends (or bond with old ones), celebrate diversity, and explore this culturally rich city of ours.

I came to Creating Realities in May 2011 at the recommendation of my Naturopath. Struggling to figure out what I was going to be when I grew up, I turned to Tammy Neilson to guide me on this journey of self-discovery. At the time, I was working in the travel industry organizing trips for teenagers to international destinations. I had a cushy job, jet-setting all over Europe once or twice a year, and making a decent salary. Despite all this, I was miserable and needed a change. After a few sessions, Tammy casually said to me one day, “I don’t see you working for anyone else”. A flood of energy surged through my body. “I know, I always thought I would do my own thing.” I replied excitedly. So, I put the question back to her, “What is that thing?” With a sparkle of recognition in her eyes, she shrugged and answered, “I don’t know.” To this day I still don’t believe her. The next time we met, Tammy mentioned that a word kept appearing before her, one that described me and my personality; Choreographer. “Choreographer of what?” I asked. “Choreographer of Experiences”, she replied. I loved the title, but wasn’t sure what it meant. “What does that person do?” I asked. “I’m not sure,” she replied, but that is what you do. Four months later, The Kulture Klub was born. Tammy was able to tap into my inner entrepreneur and feed it with the support I needed to flourish. She made me believe that it was my idea to be this “Choreographer of Experiences” — the role I would eventually play in my event planning business (we settled on Director of Experiences). Not only did Tammy set the wheels in motion for me to formulate a plan for The Kulture Klub, she offered resources, contacts, and information to help me succeed. By introducing me to, and providing guidance in the application process for the Ontario Self Employment Benefit Program, I was armed with the tools I needed to better navigate the world of commerce.

From the birth of the very first idea for a Kulture Klub event, Tammy was there, and continued to be, every step of the way. Sharing my experiences with her network, and having her attend the second event, our “Journey to Japan”, instilled the confidence that my business was a viable, innovative opportunity to learn about our city and discover its different cultures. When Tammy calls herself a woman with a visionary heart, it is not because she can foresee the future. She ignites the fire in you to realize your future and go after your dreams. Thank you, Tammy for your warm hugs, your soothing tea, your complete focus, and your unwavering support. I couldn’t have done it without you!

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