Sing the Song that is in Your Heart!

Image: illustration of bird with text "Sing the truth of your heart"I want you to have the life of your dreams. I want this for myself too. Alas I don’t have a magic wand or genie on tap to make that wish happen with a snap of my fingers. We all do have access to a very powerful kind of magic. The magic of speaking. The power to speak my dreams has allowed them to come into being.

In the tarot the Magician is one of the cards that speaks of the power of words and their relationship to manifestation. The magician speaks, like a beautiful songbird, and a crowd gathers around. The magician’s song comes from the deepest, wisest, and most connected part of themselves. It comes in words and in silence.

Did you know there is magic in words? I certainly believe it is true. The words I use to talk about myself to others have power. The words I use when I work with people in a reading might have twice the power. Finally, the words I use to think about myself and my life are the most powerful of all. Words are everything.

Words can change everything for better or worse. When I am looking to bring about change in myself, my business, or help someone change their life – working to find the right words to embody the change is so helpful. When we know the words that describe what we want to happen – we get closer to knowing how to make that event or thing come into our lives.

For me I have chosen a few words to declare my goals this year. One is “immaculate” — that all my actions and my shop should work to be tidy. I know of course, I should clean up right? It is more than that for me though. It is about presentation, order and structure. If my work life itself is tidy, then I am more able to ride the waves that seeing clients and raising a family might bring my way. It also allows me to look at every interaction as a chance to manifest what I am working on. It gives me a way to measure options that are in front of me.

I think we all carry some level of negative inner dialogue. Using the right words to help build and create something, is always helped by avoiding the words that undermine what we are trying to achieve. For me, “too busy” and “not organized” are two of the biggest culprits in undermining what I am working on. Clearing up that critic that lives in us might not be possible right away but not allowing that negative voice is something we can work on.

Would you like to join me in bringing the best of yourself to the world? If this feels right, start by choosing one word or phrase that is not highlighting the best of you. Now choose a word or phrase that is your highest wish for your life or efforts. Every time you catch yourself thinking or saying the negative words try and stop yourself and say the positive phrase instead. Now you are a magician too!

Let me know how it goes.
Andrew McGregor
The Hermit’s Lamp
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