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Integrating Grief, Together

Healing & support for those who have lost dear ones to cancer “How do I keep living after witnessing/supporting my loved one through cancer?” “How do people keep going with all this grief, all this sadness?” “How can I prepare for the expected and unexpected agony of grieving?” You are invited to join me as […]

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Rachel Foster: Fresh Perspective Copywriting

B2B Copywriter & Content Marketing Specialist Fresh Perspectives Copywriting helps business-to-business technology companies improve their communications so they can attract high-quality leads and increase their sales. We do this by providing B2B copywriting services that help our clients educate their customers, build reputations as trusted advisors, and clearly communicate complex messages. (more…)

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IMAGE: Illustration of womans face covered by colourful butterfly

Kristen Roderick

Writer, Researcher/Evaluator & Community Convenor I am a writer, researcher/evaluator, and community convener, and am interested in the use of storytelling for empowerment, social change, and the transitions in women’s lives. I’m currently writing a book on women’s experiences of the “Middle Passage” – the period of life when women begin to awaken to a […]

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Image: Kulture Klub wordmark

Karen Schwartz: The Kulture Klub

Director of Experiences The Kulture Klub organizes cultural themed events offering individual and corporate groups the opportunity to discover different cultures without leaving their city. Situated in various restaurants or culturally specific venues around the general Toronto area, The Kulture Klub transports people to a particular country through food and fun. (more…)

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Dr. Jiselle Griffith, N.D.: Naturopathic Doctor

I am a naturopathic doctor, Reiki master and Bowen practitioner whose mission is to support individuals, families and communities to heal. My integrated approach to care combines evidence-based medicine and traditional knowledge. My heart-centred methods encourage patients to uncover root causes and allow life transformations to happen. (more…)

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Photo: Gillian Muller

Gillian Muller: Screenwriter

I am a freelance screenwriter working in Toronto. I started my career as an assistant director, but wanted to return to my true calling in writing. I moved to Vancouver, where I attended Vancouver Film School’s Writing for Film and Television program, graduating near the top of my class. (more…)

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Image: Life in Order wordmark

Emily Gibson: Life in Order

 Professional Organizer, Virtual Assistant & Owner Life in Order helps with your home and office organizing and administrative tasks so you can spend more time doing what you love. As professional organizers, we help clear the clutter and find a home for your belongings, and we develop and implement personalized systems that work for YOU, […]

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Photo: Gillian Muller

Unlocking Creativity

While sitting on a beach in Indonesia, I realized I would have to go home one day. My six-month world exploration would end and I would be back in reality. If I had to join Western society again, what did I really want to do? (more…)

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Photo: Elga Nikolova

Change, Impact, and the Evaluative Mind

As an evaluator I am usually called in to measure change and impact, not to create them. Yet once in a while an organization or a community will bring me in to become one of the agents of a change they want to create. These are my favorite clients. (more…)

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